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March 14 Zoom Side Chat Notes

Thank you for tuning into today's ZoomSide Chat. If you missed it, you can go to my facebook page to view the video. While campaigning, I did a number of ZoomSide chats. A lot has changed and some things stay the same. The goal was to have town hall-styled chats scheduled in different parts of Ward 5 so that as many people as possible could participate.

Within those chats I wanted to introduce the various city staff that oversee the city departments to provide an opportunity for citizens to learn more about how their city works for them.

The last 2 1/2 months have been an exciting and rewarding time with a steep learning curve but the motivation for being in this seat has not changed at all. I hope to hear from more people through either emails, in-person at the city council meetings, phone, and ZoomSide Chats. The goal is to hear from as many of the residents as possible.


Workforce Housing - 920 Manatee Avenue Project

Within the agreement set between the developer and the Manatee Board of County Commissioners, there are a number of years where the rental rate has to be affordable no matter what the market value is at that time.

There will be unit rates that are affordable which would include three options of one bedrooms like a studio like one bedroom and a standard one bedroom there may be also a one bedroom with a niche that could be set up maybe for a home office or whatever The occupant would like the two bedrooms are much more on the standardize side you are expected to follow guidelines for nearest an infield building you have those guidelines that because of the size of the lot.


Supporting documents ADA/video

May people have asked why they aren't able to access all the documents for the city council meetings online. I asked this question as well and was told that it's being worked on. Due to the history of firms suing government's for not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Bradenton is currently working on making the documents accessible.

They are currently working on this, but I will continue to ask about this and receive periodic updates.


City Charter Review Committee

A municipal charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government. It is comparable to the Constitution of the United States or a state's constitution. The charter is, therefore, the most important legal document of any city.

There have been talks about amending the Bradenton City Charter. I agree with that and would encourage that a committee would be take up this task. So coming soon!



Register for the Standby pool -

COVID-19 vaccinations are now available at select CVS, Publix, Walgreens, Walmart and Winn-Dixie locations in Manatee County.


CARES Act for Homeowners

The Manatee CARES Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) provides funds to homeowners residing in Manatee County and its municipalities who are delinquent on mortgage payments due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as of March 1, 2020. Funds will be provided as a grant for delinquent mortgage payments for approved applicants.

Applications open at 8:00 a.m. March 15, 2021 and close 5:00 p.m. March 29, 2021 or when 75 applications have been received, whichever comes first. You can learn more by going to their website. The link is also on the blog and will be posted in the comments.


CARES Act for Renters

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA) provides funds to renters in Manatee County and its municipalities who are delinquent on rent and in need of rental payment assistance due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funds will be provided as a grant for rent and landlord-paid utilities for approved applicants. Eligible renters may receive grant funds up to 12 months of assistance, if needed, through November 2021, whichever is less. Funds will be paid directly to the landlord.

To be eligible for this grant, a resident must meet the eligibility guidelines below and file an application through our online portal beginning Feb. 16.


CARES Act Funding For Nonprofits and Community Organizations

This Program is available to nonprofit organizations that meet specific requirements of the Manatee CARES Community Health and Wellbeing Category and the Economic Recovery for Individuals Category. To be eligible for this funding, a nonprofit must meet the eligibility guidelines. The nonprofit must attest that their organization shall not replace or supplant existing funding and that they understand Federal law prohibits organizations from replacing State, Local or agency funds with Federal funds. Existing funds for a project and its activities may not be displaced by Federal funds and reallocated for other organizational expenses.

Funding is limited, and applications will close without notice once all funding has been allocated (approximately 50 applications). Agencies previously approved for Program One funding in Round 4 are NOT eligible to reapply for additional PPE/Safe Reopening funds.


Getting Involved

I encourage you all to find something you’re passionate about and donate your time. Not everyone is interested in local politics, but if all of us can donate their time and energy to something that brings us joy, it will strengthen our community even more.

If you want to be get more engaged in local government, or have questions or concerns please email ( or call me at 941-932-9455. Or consider giving public comment at a city council meeting.


Food Forest Revitalization Event at East Bradenton Park

Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources team wants to partner with the community to help promote a new initiative to build and maintain a food forest in East Bradenton Park. There will be monthly workdays, but the first one is for Saturday, Mar 27th, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

On this work day - help weed, mulch, and beautify this space for residents to partake in nature’s bounty. There will also be a follow up fruit tasting from a tropical selection. This is a great opportunity for teens looking to earn volunteer hours. Program suitable for all ages. Reservations are required. To register, please call 941-742-5923 ext. 6035.


Polish the Park

Help clean up the Bradenton Riverwalk. Lunch will be provided.

April 3, 2021 | 8:00am - 12:00pm

Pavilion 530 Riverwalk Drive West Bradenton, Fl 34205


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