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Announcing My Run for Bradenton City Council - Ward 5

I'm Pam Coachman and I'm formally announcing my candidacy for Ward 5’s seat on the Bradenton City Council.

I have seen Bradenton make significant progress in its social and economic transformation and am committed to helping it continue to improve. We cannot let the community stagnate or slide backwards. My goal is to ensure that progress continues.

It is important that Ward 5 remains on a forward progressive path. The citizens’ voices deserve to be heard. There are serious concerns about:

  • the impact of rapid growth on historic communities

  • inadequate and antiquated infrastructure

  • availability of affordable and attainable housing

  • the increase in homelessness

  • marginally performing schools with students reading below grade level

  • fair and equitable water and land use

  • broadening communication between residents and government, law enforcement and making residents aware of the level of influence between different jurisdictions

  • having periodic community hall meetings from all sectors of Ward 5

The current plans were set in motion years ago and aren’t always in the best interest of our community. This is not the time to misinform, miscalculate or underestimate the voice of Ward 5.

The citizens of Ward 5 want their voices to matter so that our neighborhoods and small businesses receive equitable outcomes to sustain a high quality of life and promote progress.

I'm running for Bradenton City Council to be the voice of the residents of Ward 5. We deserve to be heard and protected. I want to act as the bridge to join together residents, businesses, schools, law enforcement and government

Your elected official should be your voice with no hidden agendas.

Ward 5 deserves to be heard and protected and I'm the best person to do it. I hope that I can count on your support.

Want to learn more about me? About Pam


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